Our previous proposal

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In our 2014 proposal we were planning to build a storm relief sewer to create extra capacity in the sewer network.

We planned to connect the existing sewers running through the Counters Creek catchment in to the new storm relief sewer.

The proposed storm relief sewer would have collected excess storm water from a number of sites and stored these until the storm had passed. Storm water would then flow from this proposed sewer into the Thames Tideway Tunnel at Cremorne Wharf.

However, our proposal for the Counters Creek flood alleviation scheme has now changed. We undertook a lengthy and complex procedure with Tideway in order to alter the scope of the Thames Tideway Tunnel project at Cremorne Wharf to make room for a future strategic sewer. As part of the agreement access to the site for the Counters Creek project is not possible until 2021 at the earliest when Tideway have completed work at this site. We have therefore decided to take this time to look in to more local level flood protection and are committed to protecting those customers who have reported sewer flooding to us by 2020. (Read more about our New Proposal here).

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