Our new proposal

Last reviewed:

Due to the delayed access to our preferred drive site for our proposed storm relief sewer and new information which came out of storm events in 2016 we have changed our proposal. The new proposal focuses on more immediate and local level flood protection for the residents of the Counters Creek catchment, such as FLIP devices.

Between now and 2020 we have committed to investigating all of the historic flood reports from the catchment and protecting those who would like protection and are still at risk from future incidents.

Investigating reports of sewer flooding

We are currently investigating all of the reports we have on our flooding history database by contacting the property to arrange a survey of the basement. These survey results will be used to work out if it is possible to fit a FLIP device to protect the property. If this is possible then we will offer the customer a FLIP to be installed and if for any reason a FLIP is not feasible then we will look at other options for protection.

We are only offering surveys to properties where we have evidenced reports of flooding. If you have experienced sewer flooding during times of heavy rainfall, haven't reported this to us and would like us to look at flood protection options then please get in contact.